For who?

Trendy tailored suits for women with spunk.

Mikassuits is going towards having affordable and edgy women’s suits. No expensive tailored suits but women’s suits thats shine pure class. Our size chart and our measuring instructions will guide you without putting in any effort to perfect fit. At the office , on the orad or on the dansfloor. Our suits are being worn by women who are standing strong in their shoe’s , weither they are wearing pumps or sneakers.

Clothing stress? You won’t have this problem with Mikassuits. Wear it as a:

  • Party outfit, evening wear, wedding attire … 
  • Business clothing 
  • Everyday look

Do you have a weakness for timeless, business look? Are you looking fora n alternative for your favourite blazer and jeans pants? Starting your day classy and cormftable? Mikassuits to the rescue!

Looking for cool women’s clothing? A trendy tailored suit for women

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