Our online dressing room

In only 5 steps you can have your very own Mikassuit:

1. Take a look, scrol land compare | Get to know our looks and select your favourite suit.

2. Measure , check and order | Take a look at our specialized size chart. The more you use our size chart the better your suit will fit. Make sure you enter your personal size when placing your order.

3. Refining and finishing | Mikassuits is selling five power suits made in hish end materials. Shorten your pants? Tailoring your blazer? As soon as your order arrives we will start our tailoring process to make your suit you perfectly.

4. Shipment will happen as soon as possible | a long waiting process? Hell no! Mikassuits will have your suit delivered to you within a working week anywhere in europe.

5. Go outside, lay back, party or relax | wear your very own Mikassuits with pride and wear it wherever and however you want.

Shop for cool, feminine clothing from the comfort of you home? Attending a wedding soon and wanting to go in a unique and tailored women’s suit? Choosing a 2-piece suit and having it tailored by an experienced tailor?

Ordering a tailored suit? Scoring a business suit?

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